Monday, December 12, 2005


Michigan ACLU Sponsors "Science Under Siege" Town Hall

Dave Groves, writing in The Oakland Press, has produced an interesting account of a town hall forum organized by the Oakland County (Michigan) ACLU, "Science Under Siege: The Challenge to Evolutionary Theory."

Groves' piece includes information on an intelligent design inspired bill by Rep. John Moolenar, that would require students to "... use the scientific method to critically evaluate scientific theories including, but not limited to, the theories of global warming and evolution."

The article also reports a number of sensible comments from participants in the town hall, including this:
"Regardless of whether or not (intelligent design) is religious, it confuses the learner as to what science is," said Margaret Hendrickson, a biology teacher at West Bloomfield High School. She spoke at the forum in Bloomfield Hills as an evolutionary biologist rather than as a representative of the district where she teaches.


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