Friday, December 23, 2005


Kathy Martin: The Facts and Nothing But the Facts

Kathy Martin, one of the wing-nut majority on the Kansas Board of Education, has an aversion to reading. That's why we were so surprised to learn she'd heard about Judge John Jones decision that teaching ID in public schools is unconstitutional.

Perhaps she heard it on television. Although we didn't see it ourselves, Fox News must have covered the Dover ruling, right?

In any case, Martin is convinced that the Pennsylvania ruling will not affect Kansas. After all, the board didn't mandate the teaching of intelligent design. It just re-defined science and wrote ID inspired criticisms of evolution into the standards. That's all.

While readers of this blog may be under the mistaken impression that biblical literalism is the foundation on which the board has made its decisions, Martin and her fellow fundamentalists on the board say they are all about science. Want proof?

"Irreducible complexity is a scientific term," says Martin. It is not ID. It is scientific fact."

In the part of Oz Martin hails from, evolution is a theory, a hunch, a wild-ass guess, but irreducible complexity is as solid as it get.

Read more in this article by Mary Hufford in The Clay Center Dispatch.


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