Friday, December 23, 2005


Help Wanted

Yesterday, Red State Rabble turned 11 months old. The first day we were online, Jan. 22, we got just 23 hits. It took nearly a month before we topped 100. Today, RSR averages about 1,000 hits a day, and we expect to top 200,000 hits by the time we turn 1 year old, next month.

We know our yearly total amounts to a very slow day for the biggest blogs, but it still seems like an amazing number to Red State Rabble, who started out in writing by publishing an anti-war student newsletter on a mimeograph machine way back in the 60s.

We want to celebrate our first anniversary, not by patting ourselves on the back, but by making Red State Rabble better. Over the next month we'll be evaluating, in a serious way, what we can do improve the site and to make it more valuable to our readers -- both present and future.

And, we'd like your help.

Please drop us a note, or leave a comment, telling us what you like and -- and perhaps more importantly -- don't like about RSR. Are there other issues we're giving short shrift to now, you'd like to see covered in the future? What sort of posts do you look forward to. What leaves you scratching your head and asking, "What the ... "

In general, do you look forward to reading the longer, more in-depth posts, or do you prefer short, to-the-point pieces? Too much local coverage, or not enough? Got an idea we're too dumb to ask about? Is there something about RSR that drives you crazy? Let us know.

From the large volume of correspondence we get from our readers, we know you are well educated, and very well-informed. We value you as readers. Please take the time to let us know how we can make Red State Rabble more useful and more entertaining.


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