Thursday, December 22, 2005


Framing Dover

A couple of weeks ago, Chris Mooney, the author of the Republican War on Science, turned us on to a new blog, Mathew Nisbet's Framing Science. We wandered over to check it out and liked it -- a lot. Framing Science tracks how political strategists, scientists, and the news media selectively define science in ways that shape policy decisions, public opinion, and political culture.

We've been going back every day to read the latest posts, and we want to recommend it to our readers, too.

A post up today, "Framing Dover: Advocates, Media Pick Up on Public Accountability Frame." In it, Nisbit provides persuasive evidence that the "central interpretation of the Dover decision that stands out in today's press coverage, and is being used as an organizing device by both sides in the debate is the public accountability frame.

Take a look.


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