Thursday, December 08, 2005


Divine Intervention

The Kansas Jayhawk football team hadn't beaten Nebraska for 36 years. Then, a miracle happened. On Nov. 5, KU beat the Cornhuskers 40-15. It's been more than a century since KU last scored 40 points on the Huskers.

KU's victory over Nebraska, coming as it does, nearly four decades after it was last achieved, has generated a certain amount of speculation about ultimate cause. Was it a matter of coaching? Better players? Improved game strategy and execution? Or, was it just a random event, the accidental coming together of factors too subtle and numerous to easily quantify?

Leon Satterfield, writing in the Lincoln, Nebraska Journal-Star suspects divine intervention. Here's why:
You know why? Because the Kansas Board of Education voted — just days before the game (don’t tell me it wasn’t planned that way) — in favor of requiring the state’s public schools to teach Creationism in science classes, and, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education, to tell the students they had to decide between belief in the Bible and belief in evolution.


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