Friday, December 16, 2005


Discovery Institute Misleads on Cobb County Hearing

Under the highly provocative headline "Did the ACLU Lie to the Federal Courts in the Cobb County Evolution Sticker Case?" Robert Crowther of the Discovery Institute's Evolution News and Views blog does a bit of quote mining from an article by Bill Rankin in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on the Cobb County sticker hearing held yesterday:

At the end of the session the Judges called the ACLU on the carpet about their
legal briefs:At the end of the arguments,

Carnes took the highly unusual step of
calling Bramlett back up to the podium and suggested he may have mislead the
11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in his legal brief filed with the court.

This was the sole basis in Crowther's post for the headline suggesting the ACLU lied.

Anyone who actually follows the link to the AJC article will read this:

At the end of the arguments, Carnes took the highly unusual step of calling Atlanta lawyer Jeffrey Bramlett, who argued on behalf of parents who filed suit against the stickers, back to the podium before the packed courtroom. Carnes suggested that Bramlett may have misled the court in his legal brief on exactly when the petitions here presented to the school board. Bramlett was told to write a letter to the court explaining how the confusion occurred.

But Carnes may have been misinformed by an incomplete trial record. On March 29, 2002, the day after the school board agreed to affix the stickers to science textbooks, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Marjorie Rogers told the board she had collected petitions signed by 2,300 people who were dissatisfied with the new science texts.

When, exactly, do you suppose Crowther, and Discovery will retract and set the record straight?

Note: While discovery has not retracted, or changed the headline on the article, or the body of the post, they have taken the highly unususal step of linking to the Panda's Thumb coverage, which tells the whole story.


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