Monday, December 05, 2005


Bridge to Nowhere

William Dembski, apparently, sees a role for intelligent design in building a bridge between civilizations. Just the other day, he approvingly posted an excerpt from a piece by Mustafa Akyol originally published in the National Review:
. . . In a furious New Republic cover story, “The Case Against Intelligent Design,” Jerry Coyne joins in this hype and implies that all non-Christians, including Muslims, should be alarmed by this supposedly Christian theory of beginnings that “might offend those of other faiths.” Little does he realize that if there is any view on the origin of life that might seriously offend other faiths — including mine, Islam — it is the materialist dogma: the assumptions that God, by definition, is a superstition, and that rationality is inherently atheistic. . . .
Funny, it seems like only yesterday that Dembski, was hosting rather different comments -- from tolerance-challenged intelligent design supporters -- on his blog, Uncommon Descent. These comments remain on Dembski's blog to this day -- and remember, he's notorious for deleting comments he disagrees with. You can still read them, here, or read a few of the pithier ones, below:
For Islam to become a religion of peace, they will have to succeed and and actually wipe us all [non Muslims] of the face of the earth and we will become extinct like the poor dino’s. Then claim victory in their jihad & no one will be the wise…

Islam is a cancer growing on the planet. It needs to be killed not accomodated (sic). It’s an ugly, dysfunctional belief system even in milder forms, that subjugates the female half of the population.

It’s a little-known fact that after 9/11, “peace-loving” American Muslims hit the streets of Brooklyn to howl, hoot and rejoice at our national expense. “Death to America!” they joyously screeched. “Death to Jews!” They obviously expected to get away with it due to “strange” American laws protecting their religious freedom, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, et cetera…

Islam is just ONE of the many weapons used for the destruction of mankind.

Islam is a disease that has no place in the civilized world.

Gart Hurdd (sic) is now blithering about murder being sanctioned on Dembski’s blog. Presumably I’m the one that proposed murder... Killing and murder are not the same things. Ann Coulter wrote “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.” This is advocating war, not murder...
Charming bunch, eh? One thing Red State Rabble admires about intelligent design is how it brings people closer together.

Many Muslims -- and Christians -- find they have no problem accommodating their faith in god with evolution. RSR wonders what accommodation Mr. Akyol will be able to make with Dembski's fan base.


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