Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Turning the Tables

In their heart of hearts, that motley crew of creation "scientists" and intelligent design "theorists" has always dreamed of that bright day in the future when ID would be taught in the nation's classrooms. Ironically, now that KU is making plans to do just that, they're all up in arms about it.

“All of a sudden, just from the title, intelligent design is being put in there with mythology,” says Bruce Simat, an associate biology professor at Minnesota’s Northwestern College, one of the barnstorming brotherhood of bible college biologists who testified for intelligent design at Kansas science hearings last May.

Intelligent design activists, to hear them tell it, are all about critical thinking when it comes to science, but critical thinking goes out the window when it's applied to their own religious and philosophical ideas. Oh no, they draw the line there.

Note: Discovery Institute's denials -- that they don't really want to teach ID in the classroom; that they just want to teach the "controversy" over evolution -- aren't credible, since they've worked assiduously to produce a high school textbook, Of Pandas and People, and a guide to teaching intelligent design for classroom teachers.


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