Tuesday, November 29, 2005


The Search for Pupose

Intelligent design activists are turned off by the idea that evolution is random and purposeless. Here's an excerpt from an article in the Harvard Crimson by Anton S. Troianovski that contains an interesting insight into the mind of the creator:

Until the teaching schedule for the team-taught Biological Sciences 51, “Integrative Biology of Organisms,” changed this year, [Professor of Biology James] Hanken would talk about rabbits’ digestive systems in lecture. The animals can absorb the nutrients from plant matter only in the small intestine, but food is digested in a part of the gut that’s farther downstream.” So how do plant nutrients finally get into the rabbit’s bloodstream having already passed through the small intestine undigested?

“They secrete these things through their anus, eat them,” and pass them back through the small intestine, Hanken explains.

And then he adds, “Now you tell me, where’s the intelligence in that design?”


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