Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Psst. It's Not All Quiet on the Western Front

Later today, Red State Rabble hopes to post an eyewitness account of a visit to Hays, Kansas by state board member Connie Morris and Education Commissioner Bob Corkins. Until then, we leave you with this report from Scott Rothschild of the Lawrence Journal-World:

Education Commissioner Bob Corkins and State Board of Education member Connie Morris promoted charter schools on a two-day tour of western Kansas that ended Tuesday.

But the subject didn’t go over so well, according to folks who attended the meetings.

“It was not a warm and fuzzy meeting at all,” said Marvin Selby, superintendent of the Goodland school district.

“We certainly found out what their agenda is,” said Wes Fox, a history teacher at Liberal High School. “It is to promote charter schools.”


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