Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Physics for Fundamentalists

Physics for Christian Schools, by R. Terrance Egolf and Linda Shumate (Bob Jones University, 2004), addresses the question, "What is Christian about physics?"

Some people have developed the idea that higher mathematics and science have little to do with the Bible or Christian life. They think that because physics deals with scientific facts, or because it is not pervaded with evolutionary ideas, there is no need to study it from a Christian perspective. This kind of thinking ignores a number of important facts to the Christian: First, all secular science is pervaded by mechanistic, naturalistic and evolutionistic philosophy. Learning that the laws of mechanics as they pertain to a baseball in flight are just the natural consequences of the way matter came together denies the wisdom and power of our Creator God. ... Second, physics as taught in the schools of the world contradicts the processes that shaped the world we see today. Trying to believe both secular physics and the Bible leaves you in a state of confusion that will weaken your faith in God's Word.

For more examples of the flawed fundamentalist world view as taught in Christian academies and bible colleges -- soon to be financed in Kansas by your tax dollars -- check out "Here's the Problem With Emily Dickinson," by Thomas Vinciguerra in the New York Times.

Vinciguerra writes that intelligent design isn't the only flashpoint in the battle over religion in the nation's classrooms -- there are little things like history, literature, too.


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