Saturday, November 12, 2005


MAINstream Coalition Opposes New Standards

The MAINstream Coalition, a non-partisan, non-sectarian coalition of members and leaders of the business, civic, political and religious communities who are uniting to promote and preserve Constitutional freedoms which are threatened by political extremists, has issued a statement opposing the vote on November 8th by the conservative members of the Kansas State Board of Education to approve the science standards.

The MAINstream Coalition stands "with moderate Kansans who oppose the action of the “conservative 6” to impose a particular religious perspective on our state's science standards.

"Pluralism lies at the heart of American democracy, and public educations serves as a cornerstone of that democracy. This vote constitutes a challenge to these values and the foundation upon which they rest: the separation of religion and government.

"This action by the conservative bloc should serve as a wake-up call to all who value the guarantee of religious liberty upon which this nation was founded. All of us should beware the imposition of a narrowly held religious perspective into public policy. This encroaching theocracy is a threat to American democracy. The MAINstream Coalition encourages moderate Kansans, along with our friends in Missouri and across the country who value religious liberty, to work together to build alliances strong enough to stop this kind of assault on democracy and public education."


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