Wednesday, November 09, 2005


How it's Playing in Kansas

How's the Kansas State School Board decision to rewrite the science standards without any input from actual scientists playing in the state?

Here's the lead from an article, "Kan. School Board OKs Evolution Approach," by John Hanna, of the Associated Press who is based in Topeka:
Revisiting a topic that exposed Kansas to nationwide ridicule six years, ago, the state Board of Education approved science standards for public schools Tuesday that cast doubt on the theory of evolution.
Hanna's story also recalls the glory days for the board:
In 1999, the board eliminated most references to evolution. Harvard paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould said that was akin to teaching "American history without Lincoln." Bill Nye, the "Science Guy" of children's television, called it "harebrained" and "nutty." And a Washington Post columnist imagined God saying to the Kansas board members: "Man, I gave you a brain. Use it, OK?"


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