Monday, November 21, 2005


Dover Case Prompts Open Access to Articles in SciPolicy -- The Journal of Science and Health Policy

SciPolicy -- The Journal of Science and Health Policy -- announced today that, as a public service, all of its articles are now free and open access on-line. The move is prompted by a recent ten-fold increase in demands on its already busy website for articles related to its Amicus Currie filing in Federal Court (Kitzmiller, et al v Dover Area School District and school Board) opposing government mandates to teach of intelligent design in public schools and the Science Wars controversies.

According to Stephen Miles Sacks, PhD, SciPolicy editor and publisher, “Several of Scipolicy’s Editorial Board members are leading scholarly authors who are protagonists and antagonists, in the Science Wars and Intelligent Design controversies. SciPolicy published an important core of 20 related scholarly articles on the on-going Science Wars conflict between physical scientists and Social Studies of Science authors over methods of science. Some of the authors include Norman Levitt, Paul R. Gross, Steve Fuller, Val Dusek, Gabriel Stolzenberg, and Angèle Kremer Marietti.

In dual action on November 7, SciPolicy, filed its brief for Amicus Curiae in Federal Court and it also issued the editorial: “Government Should Not Mandate Teaching Intelligent Design As An Alternative To Evolution.”


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