Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Dover CARES Sweeps School Board Election

The long-suffering voters of Dover, PA sent the school board a message there last night. That message was, "We don't want your antiscience, antieducation politics around here, anymore."

That message is likely to reverberate loudly among Kansas State School Board members who also voted yesterday -- to approve science standards that redefine science in a way that nearly all scientists and educators oppose.

Four of the six Kansas conservatives who voted for the antiscience revision of the standards are up for election next November. The message from Dover is an echo of the 2000 Kansas school board election, when board members who deleted references to evolution from the curriculum were likewise swept out of office.

The eight Dover CARES candidates -- Bernadette Reinking, Terry Emig, Byan Rehm, Herbert "Rob" McIlvaine, Judy McIlvaine, Larry Gurreri, Patricia Dapp, and Phil Herman -- swept up all eight Dover Area School Board seats, soundly defeating the sitting members of the board who led a campaign to introduce intelligent design into the schools.

The Dover intelligent design trial in U.S. District Court had barely been wrapped up when voters said they'd had enough.

Although the vote totals in each race were close, it should be remembered that the defeated board members ran as Republicans in a district that runs 8-5 Republican. They also had the advantage of running as incumbents. But, apparently, none of that was enough.

Here's the tally as reported by the York Dispatch:
Winning four-year seats tonight were Dover CARES candidates Bernadette Reinking (2,754 votes), Terry Emig (2,716), Herbert McIlvaine Jr. (2,677) and Bryan Rehm (2,625).

Incumbent board members seeking those seats were Sherrie Leber (2,584), James Cashman (2,526), Edward Rowand (2,547) and Alan Bonsell (2,469).

Winning two-year seats were Dover CARES candidates Lawrence Gurreri, (2,623), Judy McIlvaine (2,658) and Patricia Dapp (2,670).

Incumbent board members seeking those seats were Eric Riddle (2,545), Ronald Short (2,544) and Sheila Harkins (2,466).

In a race for a separate two-year seat, Dover CARES candidate Phil Herman edged school board member David Napierskie, 2,542 votes to 2,516.


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