Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Derail the Corkins Campaign Train

Kansas Families United for Public Education reports that Kansas Education Commissioner Bob Corkins recently visited the Kansas City, Kansas area to meet with education stakeholders. In a recent memo Mr. Corkins indicated he met with a group of "mostly teachers." However, Moderate KSBOE member Janet Waugh, who serves that area, said she wasn't invited and that she heard that there weren't any teachers involved whatsoever.
Now Mr. Corkins has announced that he will be traveling through District 5 with Conservative KSBOE member Connie Morris. It appears to us that this is nothing more than campaign stops for Ms. Morris on our tax dime. Of course it's not surprising as Ms. Morris stayed in a luxury suite in Florida on our tax dime as well. Only reimbursing the kids of Kansas when the press brought it to the attention of Kansans and the KSBOE.

How do we replace Corkins? He serves at the pleasure of the KSBOE, so we have to change the make-up of the KSOBE if we stand a chance at changing the Commissioner of Education.

We can and we will change the make up of the KSOBE. Dover Pennsylvania did it, and so can Kansas.

Kansas Families United for Public Education is an organization that supporters of science education should support. You can learn more by visiting their website, here.


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