Thursday, October 20, 2005


What's Your Sign?

“Under my definition," Michael Behe told the court Monday in the Dover intelligent design case, "scientific theory is a proposed explanation which points to physical data and logical inferences.”

As has been widely reported, Behe was forced to admit under cross-examination by plaintiffs’ attorney, Eric Rothschild, that using his definition, Astrology might also be considered a scientific theory.

Red State Rabble wondered, what might Behe's horoscope have been on Monday when he gave this astonishing testimony? Although we were hindered by not knowing Behe's birth date, we still think these predictions are as accurate as any:
Random, purposeless thoughts may swarm like mosquitoes around your head, today. Think carefully before you give an answer, but don't worry, things are not as irreducibly complex as they may at first seem. Cling as tenaciously to facts as you would a life preserver. Flee from inference. Appearances are deceiving. Objects in the mirror may be closer than they seem.


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