Saturday, October 08, 2005


UTenn Professor Challenges Creationist To Debate

From a letter to the Daily Beacon, the independent student newspaper of the University of Tennesse:

Dear Editor,

In last Friday’s Daily Beacon (Sept. 30), Chris Wilhoit, president of the East Tennessee Creation Science Association, offered to debate Dr. Calcott on evolution since the latter does not think creationism is good science.

Mr. Wilhoit and his association believe that the earth was created in exactly six 24-hour days about 6000 years ago, that a flood covered the entire earth including all mountain tops and that, in fact, the Bible is historically accurate and cannot be contradicted by any conceivable evidence.

This is not science — and not good Christianity either. I will counter Wilhoit’s “bold” challenge and offer to debate him on the thesis that the Bible has no errors or inconsistencies on scientific (not spiritual) issues.

Let us really discuss his alternative to evolutionary theory and biological findings. I have a strong suspicion that Wilhoit is not bold enough to put his own views on trial.

It’s easier to deride honest scientists really interested in increasing knowledge and moving beyond the myths of the past. What is next: Astrology, Alchemy, Phrenology, Flat Earthism, Spiritualism, “proofs” of UFOs and other discarded “sciences” of the past?

Gordon Burghardt
Professor of Psychology and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Go get 'em Prof. Burghardt


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