Saturday, October 08, 2005


A Theory By Any Other Name

Red State Rabble's father, a retired Professor of Education in Central Michigan, has taken an interest in this blog. Yesterday, he sent along a clipping from the local paper containing a feature titled, "Your Opinion."

The question of the day was, "Should Intelligent Design, the theory that life on earth is too complex to have developed without direction, be taught alongside evolution in public schools? Why or why not."

Of the seven good citizens who expressed an opinion, six favored teaching intelligent design.

What really caught our attention, however, was the answer given by Tyler Wellman, 19, of Alma.

"Yes," said Wellman, "it should be taught, but the name should not be changed to Intelligent Design to jazz it up, it's creation vs. evolution.

Well, at least there is one thing we can agree with Wellman on.


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