Friday, October 07, 2005


Subtle Strategy

Bob Corkins, the new Kansas education commissioner, thinks parents should be required to give written permission for their children to take sex education classes.

Some people think this is no big deal.

Red State Rabble, on the other hand, suspects the conservatives on the board of education -- all opponents of factual information about condoms in the public schools -- standing shoulder to shoulder now with our new lobbyist/education commissioner are just learning to play the game a bit more subtly than they have in the past.

Rather than break all the china by going for a quick victory, as they did with evolution. They now seem to be playing the long game, betting, in effect, that if they can stay in office long enough, the next generation of parents will no longer be able to write.

No parents able to write letters giving permission for their children to attend sex education classes. No problem.


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