Friday, October 21, 2005


The Powers of the Intelligent Design Movement

During cross examination in the Dover intelligent design trial, Michael Behe, a Lehigh University biochemist and ID activist admitted that using his definition of scientific theory, astrology might be considered a science. In this excerpt from the official trial transcript, Behe uses this new definition to see into the future. Thanks to RSR reader BF for calling it to our attention.

CROSS MR. ROTHSCHILD: Professor Behe, you know who Jon Buell is, correct?


Q: He’s the president of Foundation for Thought and Ethics?

A: Yes, that s right.

Q: And they were the publisher of Pandas when you participated?

A: That’s correct.

Q: And you’re familiar with who the Foundation for Thought and Ethics is?

A: Yes.

Q: And you re familiar with their mission?

A: I can’t say that I m familiar with the mission. I know Jon Buell, I’ve spoken with him a number of times and met with him and participated in activities with him, yes.

Q: And this is a deposition that was taken in this case of Mr. Buell on July 8, 2005.

MR. ROTHSCHILD: Matt, could you go to page 129, and highlight lines 11 to 13. Make it easy on you, may I approach the witness?

THE COURT: You may.

Q: If you could turn to pages 129 -- to page 129 of the deposition.

A: Yes.

Q: And look at line 11. And Mr. Buell is asked, "Who are the authors of Design of Life as you understand it?" And can you read his answer?

A: He says, "Kenyon, Davis, Dembski, Behe and Wells, Jonathan Wells."

Q: So Mr. Buell thinks you’re an author too?

A: That s correct. I think he’s working under the same impression as Bill, that he wanted to get together people who were most involved with the intelligent design movement to have a book which would be authored by them. And again, I told them that right now I was too busy. I told them that a couple years ago. But I said that perhaps in the future I could be involved.

Q: Mr. Behe, this statement is false, isn’t it?

A: I m sorry?

Q: The statement is false, isn’t it?

A: What statement is that?

Q: The statement that you’re an author, and Mr. Dembski’s statement is false too, isn’t it?

A: That’s not what it says on the screen, sir. It says, "Who are the authors of Design of Life as you understand it?" And the way I read that is that he’s seeing into the future and seeing when this actually will be published and anticipating that I will participate in the publication of the book at that point.

Q: Seeing into the future is one of the powers of the intelligent design movement?

A: I think –

MR. MUISE: Objection, argumentative.

MR. ROTHSCHILD: I’ll withdraw it, Your Honor.


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