Thursday, October 27, 2005


Pennsylvania Citizens for Science

Pennsylvania Citizens for Science has a website up now that supporters of reason, science, and public education may want to visit.

PACFS has posted a mission statement, a series of links to web resources, and a number of other useful items. As a group they also seem to have a sense of humor, as this excerpt from their mission statement demonstrates:
To make sure that the Pennsylvania Citizens for Pseudoscience, Bad Science, and Fake Science (they go by different names, of course) have no influence on science instruction in Commonwealth public schools.

Looks like they're taking the lead in building another site that will provide information on all state citizens for science organizations. It's still under construction, but, already, there's useful information there, as well.

Give 'em a look. Right now, they're on they're on the front line alongside the ACLU, Americans United, and Dover CARES.


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