Saturday, October 29, 2005


Not My Job

In a somewhat crass bid to position herself as a national role model for school board members who want to teach the controversy that is intelligent design, Heather Geesey, a Dover Area School Board member, testified Friday she believed intelligent design was a scientific theory because fellow board members Alan Bonsell and William Buckingham told her so.

Displaying the intellectual curiosity that is fast becoming the hallmark of intelligent design theorists everywhere, Geesey told the court, Bonsell and Buckingham told her intelligent design was "a scientific thing."

"[I]t wasn't my job" to learn more about intelligent design, she added, because she didn't serve on the curriculum committee.

Under cross-examination, plaintiff's attorney Witold Walczak, of the American Civil Liberties Union, observed that Dover High School's science teachers opposed the board's statement.

"The only people in the school district with a scientific background were opposed to intelligent design ... and you ignored them?" he asked.

"Yes," Geesey said.

Martha Raffaele of the Associated Press has more here.


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