Monday, October 10, 2005


Making Atheists

Lots of good local color from Dover in this article, "Rural Pa. town latest battleground in evolution debate," by Vanessa Gezari. Here's a sample:

Dissent is never easy. In the courtroom, Bryan Rehm, a high school physics teacher and one of the parents suing the school district, says living in Dover has gotten harder.

"You used to be able to go out to any restaurant, sit down, not worry about who was next to you," he tells the judge. "You could walk down the street and say 'Hi' to everybody and get a nice pleasant return. Now people stare."

They sometimes call him an atheist now. And worse.

"They don't know me," he says. "They don't know that I'm the co-director of the children's choir at church ... or that, you know, my wife and I run Vacation Bible School. Yet they have no problem going around calling me an atheist because my particular religious viewpoint doesn't agree with that of the School Board."


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