Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Ken Miller Goes Head to Head With Richard Thompson, Mark Ryland

Did you miss the American Enterprise Institute panel discussion between Kenneth Miller, professor of biology at Brown University, Richard Thompson, of the Thomas More Law Center, and Mark Ryland, of the Discovery Institute, on science, religion, and intelligent design?

You can still watch Parts 1-3 on C-SPAN, here.

Here's what RSR's friend BF had to say:

Even Thompson came across as sincere. He answered questions straightforwardly and without evasion. No so Ryland. Not only did he tell a bald-faced lie that Thompson caught him on, he was easily dispatched by Miller and the legal specialist, Gey.

It was very interesting to see the DI in action, so rare, too, and especially witness their complete non-response to Ken Millers attack on their disinformation strategy. I guess the strategy is working down on the farm, but it didn't play well in Washington, D.C.


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