Friday, October 21, 2005


Ken Hamm: ID Not A Christian Movement

Ken Ham, of Answers in Genesis, is not the sort of man to entertain doubt about anything, but he is of two minds about intelligent design:
"The intelligent design movement is not a Christian movement," says Hamm. "They're not all about the Bible; they don't tell you who this is 'intelligence' is." And because of that, he is concerned that students who start to believe in an unidentified "intelligence" could easily be "directed to a Muslim god or a Hindu god or a New Age god or whatever."

Ham also urges Christians to understand that the intelligent design movement is not against evolution. "They're not against evolutionary geology, they're not against evolutionary biology or evolutionary astronomy or evolutionary anthropology," he says.

Still, it's not all bad, the Dover Area School Board is to be congratulated for encouraging "critical thinking rather than insist[ing] on reflexive allegiance to a theory."

Via Allie Martin and Jody Brown of Agape Press.


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