Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Kansas School Board Completes the FEMAization of Dept. of Education

The Kansas State Board of Education, apparently, learned nothing from Hurricane Katrina. According to a report in the Wichita Eagle, they offered the job of Kansas education commissioner to Bob Corkins, a right-wing lawyer and lobbyist for conservative lawmakers, this afternoon.

Corkins has exactly zero experience in the field of education. The closest he's come is rallying the anti-tax rabble to oppose adequate funding of education in the state.

Red State Rabble thinks the right-wing board of education majority are making a mistake in hiring Corkins. After all, we happen to know Michael Brown is available just now. His experience with the Arabian Horse association is at least as relevant as any experience Corkins might have.

In addition, Brown has already experienced the sort of disaster that lurks not so far in the future here in Kansas.


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