Monday, October 24, 2005


Inquiring Minds

Got a question you'd like to ask prospective Kansas School Board candidates? Josh Rosenau over at Thoughts from Kansas is compiling a list. Drop in over there and suggest a question. Although we're more than a year away from the general election, three prospective candidates have already stepped forward to challenge conservative board members who are up for election.

The August 2006 primary and the November 2006 general election offer a unique opportunity to restore sanity and sound leadership to the State Board of Education -- four of the six conservatives are up for election.

Here's RSR's question: As a candidate for school board, do you agree with Board Chairman Steve Abrams that Christians must choose between believing in the Bible, and believing in evolution.

Here's another: If elected, will you vote to fire Education Commisioner Bob Corkins and hire a professional educator to guide the Kansas Department of Education?


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