Friday, October 07, 2005


In League With the Devil

One of the best sources for first hand information about the goings on at the Dover intelligent design trial continues to be Mike Argento a columnist for the York Daily Record. He's perceptive, funny, and a very, very good writer.

Here's a sample from Argento's reaction to the cross-examination of Barbara Forrest, a philosophy professor from Southeastern Louisiana University who testified about the striking continuity between creation science and intelligent design found in the ├╝ber antiscience textbook Of Panda's and People Wednesday.

It was right about the time that defense lawyer Richard Thompson was repeatedly asking about her various memberships in such seditious, treasonous and just plain evil organizations as the New Orleans Secular Humanist Association and the ACLU that it occurred to me to look for her horns.

They weren't there.


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