Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Idolatrous Design

Catholic theologian Jack Haught testified in the Dover intelligent design case Friday. While on the stand, Haught said intelligent design is theological idolatry because it takes the sacred and makes it profane.

The National Center for Science Education Kitzmiller v. Dover blog, has posted a podcast featuring Nick Matzke, NCSE Public Information Project Specialist, and Patricia Princehouse, of Case Western Reserve University, discussing the expert witness testimony of theologian Jack Haught, including his charge of idolatry.

Haught, according to Matzke and Princehouse, also drew a parallel between materialists and intelligent design theorists. Intelligent design advocates, he said, take the ultimate and bring it down to the proximate, while materialists take the proximate and move it up to the ultimate.

This is a fascinating philosophical discussion. Well worth listening to.


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