Tuesday, October 04, 2005


IDEA: Designer Identified in Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma Intelligent Design Evolution Awareness Club (IDEA) website provides the following answer to the question, "Does the IDEA Club have a religious affiliation?"
Although Intelligent Design itself is not a religious theory, the IDEA Club at OU would like to recognize that while we do not have a specific religious affiliation, our mission statement does say that we hold "that the identity of the Designer is consistent with belief in the Christian God.” Our claim that life was designed by intelligence is a "scientific" claim, while our claim that the Designer is the Christian God is a religious one. For this reason, we promote Intelligent Design "as a scientific theory” but "hold, through other arguments, that the identity of the Designer is the Christian God." These "other arguments" while logical and rational, are typically philosophical, historical, and religious in nature. The reasons we believe the Designer is the God of the Bible are not scientific in nature. Our beliefs concerning God do not rely upon scientific evidence and it is not our goal to convert anyone to Christianity by way of scientific argumentation.

Really, you can't make this stuff up.


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