Monday, October 24, 2005



"That's the issue, whether we should suppress the open discussion of evolution," said John Calvert, managing director of the Kansas-based Intelligent Design Network. "Can evolution ever be falsified if it can't be criticized?"

RSR would like to know, has a day gone by in the last 10 years that Calvert hasn't criticised evolution?

This debate has nothing to do with free speech, the suppression of ideas, or the conduct of scientific research. It's about making rational decisions about what topics are covered in introductory biology classrooms in public schools. That's all.

Calvert, Dembski, Behe, Meyer, Wells and their country cousins Ken Ham and Kent Hovind have been braying about intelligent design and creationism for years and no one has ever laid a finger on them.

If ID activists like Calvert really wanted to falsify evolutionary theory, they'd get busy and do something -- like conducting a little research and submitting their findings to a peer reviewed science journal. But, as Michael Behe, the Lehigh University biochemist, told the court in the Dover intelligent design trial last week, that would be "fruitless."


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