Thursday, October 13, 2005


Fast and Loose

Christian fundamentalists often rail about spending tax dollars on public education, but when they get their own hands on the money, they have no problem spending it. They don't seem to trouble themselves much about the legal niceties, either:
Federal auditors have yanked $450,000 from Alaska Christian College because the school was spending its federal money on religious instruction. The move comes about $550,000 too late. That's how much public money the tiny Kenai Peninsula Bible college managed to spend before the auditors documented what should have been obvious from the beginning. It is a thoroughly religious school that should not have been receiving public money.

Alaska Christian is tiny, with fewer than 40 students, reports the Anchorage Daily News. "It is not accredited and does not award degrees. Its $1 million of federal aid was a huge share of its budget. And its religious mission is thoroughly and inseparably entwined in everything the school does."

Thanks to RSR reader FS for calling this pigs to the trough story to our attention.


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