Friday, October 14, 2005


Dover: Supreme Court Bound?

Chris Mooney, author of The Republican War on Science, and Red State Rabble have both expressed the opinion that the Dover intelligent design case would not end up finding its way to the Supreme Court.

Now, the York Dispatch, has a revealing article by Christina Kauffman discussing the issue as well:

Here's RSR's question, does Discovery Institute know that Thomas More Law Center attorneys may be actually planning to appeal this turkey all the way up to the Supreme Court? Are they concerned about the potential for icing any chance Discovery might once have had at winning a favorable precedent?

The fascinating subtext of preparations for an appeal to the Supreme Court: Thompson's so convinced he's already lost the case at the district court level, he isn't even bothering to show his game face in Harrisburg.

The one hope left seems to be a shift in the balance on the high court from the Bush administration's new Supreme Court nominations -- Kauffman's analysis of the court's composition in the York Dispatch doesn't really offer much hope on that front either.


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