Monday, September 26, 2005


You, Yes You, Are Willfully Obtuse

You just refuse to get it, don't you? No matter how many times Michael Behe, or William Dembski, or Stephen Meyer, of Johnathan Wells repeat their soothing mantra: intelligent design is science... intelligent design is science... intelligent design is science... You just won't believe them, will you? You are hard-headed. You are dogmatic. Not only that, you are an atheist -- even if you attend church. You are unpatriotic. You are a bad, bad person.

You will just not accept the view that there really is a scientific controversy over whether or not evolution happens.

Maybe you've been thinking thoughts you're not supposed to think. Maybe, you've been reading things you're not supposed to read. Things like the now suppressed tapes from Dover school board meetings. Newspaper articles that quote school board members as saying things they now deny saying. Perhaps, you've even seen video footage from news programs -- where Dover board members spoke openly, even hopefully, about their intentions -- that were taped before they were lawyered up.

Things like this:

"This country wasn't founded on Muslim beliefs or evolution," William Buckingham, who once headed the Dover School Board's curriculum committee, is quoted as saying in the complaint filed by parents against a board mandated statement endorsing intelligent design. "This country was founded on Christianity and our students should be taught as such."


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