Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Speaking Freely

The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania has set up a blog, Speaking Freely, to cover the news coming out of Kitzmiller vs. Dover School Board. It's a great resource.

Here's an excerpt from a posting by Andy Hoover, community education organizer of the ACLU of Pennsylvania, on Ken Miller's testimony from Tuesday. Dr. Miller is also the author of Finding Darwin's God, in which he comes to terms with his scientific work and his Roman Catholic faith:
"The statement of the Dover School Board falsely undermines the theory of evolution," he said. "It does a great disservice to Dover and the students of Dover."

"... By holding this [the statement, RSR] up as an alternative, the students will get the message in a flash," Dr. Miller said. "The message is, 'Over here you have a theory based on God, and over here is evolution, which is based in atheism'."


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