Thursday, September 22, 2005


Re: Rita

Friend, RSR Reader, and fellow blogger, Bill F., writes to say he and his family were part of the mass exodus fleeing Houston as Hurricane Rita approaches landfall:
12tutufondue [Bill's Blog, RSR] is reporting from Austin, Texas where we arrived this morning more than bone tired after a 7 hour drive from Houston. Normally the 160 mile trip takes just under 3. It took us nearly an hour to cover the final mile up Highway 99 to connect to I-10, and the fastest we ever got on I-10 was 40 mph for a distance of less than a mile. Our average speed was about 5 mph. Fortunately for us, most people were going to San Antonio, so when we headed north on Highway 71 to Austin it was clear sailing, flankspeed, 70+ mph all the way. Today, we hear it's a 15 hour drive to Austin.

Bill promises to fill in the details on his blog in the morning. You might want to check it out. Not long ago, Heather Armstrong, who writes -- ranked No. 9 on the Technorati Top 100 -- described 12tutufondue as one of three blogs she thought deserved wider recognition. Bill, said Armstrong,
"can spin a yarn, whether it be about cooking filet mignon, or doing yard work, or describing his rocket scientist daughter. He offers up this really unique slice of life. Even his recipes are fun to read."

Bill is a man after our own heart. Fleeing the Rita's wrath, he nevertheless had time to think about intelligent design, and to pose a number of questions about design theorist extraordinaire Casey Luskin, including this one: "If the DI only wants to discuss "ID" in scientific circles, what's stopping them?

(Hey, maybe RSR is a little slow on the uptake, but we just noticed that DI and ID are a palindrome. More evidence for design?)


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