Thursday, September 22, 2005


Kansas Museums Plan New Evolution Exhibits

Two Kansas natural history museums, the Sternberg in Hays and the Kansas University Museum of Natural History in Lawrence, plan new exhibitions focused on evolution, according to Joel Mathis, writing in the Lawrence Journal-World.

This November, KU will open “Explore Evolution,” a traveling exhibit that examines how evolution influences ongoing scientific research that "will look at how evolutionary theory is used in current scientific research — to explain changes in HIV, the adaptation of Galapagos finches and genetic ties between humans and chimpanzees. KU is one of six museums across the Midwest that helped sponsor the project."

RSR readers may also want to read "A Trip to the Museum" by Carl Zimmer, the author of several popular science books who writes frequently for the New York Times.
"Last year I was contacted by a team of scientists and museum exhibit designers to help put together a show about evolution. The result is Exploring Evolution, which is now opening at a string of state science museums... "


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