Friday, September 16, 2005



At the Northwest area school board meeting in Pennsylvania last night, they debated evolution vs. intelligent design. Board member Randy Tomasacci wants the district to teach ID there.

Now the Discovery Institute in Seattle often complains that the news media falsely conflates intelligent design with creationism. We wonder how far they will go to counter that impression among their own supporters?

Take this for example, from last night's meeting, reported in the Citizen's Voice by Tom Long:

Terri Muhlenberg has two children in the district and two that graduated from Northwest Area. She doesn't like that her kids are taught only evolution, which she doesn't believe. At the very least, Muhlenberg "would like to seem them (evolution and intelligent design) taught back to back," getting equal class time.

Muhlenberg said intelligent design seemed to be the same thing as Creationism, which she teaches her children at home."It is the same thing," she said. "In my opinion, it's the politically correct."


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