Friday, September 30, 2005


Fundamentalists: Victims or Victmizers?

Last Oct. 18, after the Dover School Board voted 6-3 to madate reading a statement favoring intelligent design, Carol "Casey" Brown, a longtime member of the board resigned in protest.

"With deepest regret," Mrs. Brown told the board, "I am stepping down...I shall pray that you will learn to represent all the members of this community."

"Just after stepping down from the board," Amy Laura Cahn, a Community Education Organizer from the ACLU of Pennsylvania, quotes Mrs. Brown as saying in her testimony, "[Mr Buckingham] decried my belief and called me an atheist."

A couple months later, at the recess of a board meeting, Mrs. Brown told the court that Mr Bonsell "accused me and my husband of destroying the board. He told me that I would be going to hell."


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