Thursday, September 29, 2005


Dover Testimony: Ken Miller Transcipt Now Online

The Pennsylvania ACLU's Speaking Freely blog now has a partial transcript of biologist Ken Miller's testimony posted here.

Here's a brief excerpt to whet your appetite:

Q. (By Witold Walczak, Pennsylvania American Civil Liberties Union legal director ) The School District argues, you know, it takes a minute to read this statement. I haven't timed it. It takes about a minute to read this statement. What's the big deal? What's the harm in reading this to Dover School District students?

A. (By Kenneth R. Miller) That's a very interesting point. And if they raised the issue, what is the harm in reading it, one might well turn around and say, well then why read it in the first place, if it makes so little difference, if it is of so little consequence? Then why have you insisted on doing this and why are you in court today? The only thing I can infer from turning that question around is that the Dover School Board must think this is enormously important to compose this, to instruct administrators to read it, to be willing to fight all the way to the court. They must think that this performs a very important function.


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