Monday, September 12, 2005



"Uh-oh, Kansas Board of Education - now you've done it.

"America's most-quoted source of liberal dissent, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," is devoting four nights to the debate over intelligent design."

From a front page article in today's Kansas City Star by Aaron Barnhart. The Daily Show news release promises:
"Evolution Schmevolution: A Daily Show Special Report" It is an age-old battle whose time has come. "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" will gather together all the experts (or at least those who will talk to them), travel to the places that matter in the debate (basic cable budget permitting) and ultimately settle the controversy once and for all.

"Evolution Schmevolution: A Daily Show Special Report" will premiere tonight, Monday, September 12 and air nightly at 11:00 p.m. Eastern 10:00 p.m. Central through September 15.


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