Monday, September 19, 2005


Child Soldiers in the War of Ideas

"Any Christian school worthy of the name teaches that God's revelation is the foundation for all true instruction and learning," says Paul Edgar, headmaster of Tri-City Christian Academy in Somersworth, New Hampshire.

Red State Rabble has always been struck by the utter reluctance of biblical literalists, their more refined city cousins, the intelligent design "theorists," and their acolytes on the Kansas Board of Education, to defend their ideas in front of an adult audience by doing research and publishing the results in the scientific literature.

On the other hand, they seem quite comfortable forcibly conscripting child soldiers to fight in their own quixotic war with science and modernity.

Chloe Johnson looks at the "[w]ar of ideas fought in the minds of state's youth," in a survey of science education in New Hampshire Christian schools in Foster's Online. The range, as you might expect, runs from crude indoctrination to an understanding that the "theory of evolution does not imply that there is no God."

If you want to know the future of Kansas public school education, you can preview it here.


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