Saturday, September 24, 2005


Abrams: Evolution, the Bible, the Bottom Line

“At some point in time, if you compare evolution and the Bible, you have to decide which one you believe. That’s the bottom line.”

-- Kansas State Board of Education Chair Steve Abrams in a Sept. 22 talk to Open Public Education Now, a Christian men's group.

Abrams, the leader of efforts to introduce intelligent design on the board, obviously, is motivated solely by a secular intent to teach the scientific controversy over evolution.

Abrams statement that one must choose between evolution and the bible is somewhat different than his mantra at the science hearings in Topeka last May. There, he said "I have been a proponent... of empirical science being defined by observable, measurable, testable, repeatable, and falsifiable... " so often, that the audience began to mouth the words with him.

This is but one more example, among the many that might be cited, of the basic dishonesty of creationist and intelligent design advocates who say one thing in public where everyone can hear them, and quite another when they are speaking privately before groups that share their views.


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