Friday, August 26, 2005


Sixteenth Skeptics Circle at Red State Rabble Sept. 1

Orac is known far and wide for his good judgement and critical thinking skills. Breaking from that tradition -- no doubt out of desperation -- he's asked Red State Rabble to host the Sixteenth Skeptics Circle on this blog September 1st.

The Skeptics' Circle is a biweekly carnival for bloggers who apply critical thought to questionable stories, such as Urban Legends, the Paranormal, Quackery, Pseudoscience, Historical Revision. Posts dealing with the meta-analytical process behind sorting reason from the misinformation -- Critical Thinking -- are also welcome.

To have your writing included in the Sept. 1 edition of the Skeptics' Circle, send an e-mail to Red State Rabble with the URL for your post along with a brief description.

Here are the guidelines Orac made RSR sign a blood oath to follow:

The Skeptics’ Circle is meant to be apolitical, and here that means not touching social causes mired in political action. We don’t want to read posts about how Bush’s Social Security reform is going to bankrupt our nation, or how liberal activists are pushing “institutionalized racism” or malpractice caps or anything about abortion.

This is also not the place for personal causes. If you think personal light rail is a bad idea in your area, take that up with your local media. The Circle was created to clear up things rendered unnecessarily mysterious and fight frauds, not to push anyone’s agenda.

Finally, the data used to debunk or make a case should be empirical. Hotly debated social issues where there really is no answer at present are outside the scope of this carnival.

We are looking for your best writing. Bring it.


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