Friday, August 19, 2005


Read the Fine Print

Can anybody tell us what it is about these creationists and intelligent design "theorists" and political corruption, anyway? We've long noted that there seems to be some fine print in the Ten Commandments about lying -- that's the one about bearing false witness for you flatlanders -- it's okay, as long as you're doing it for God.

Now we are beginning to detect a pattern of political corruption among the true believers, as well. Consider these examples:

The moral values crowd has been telling us that the problem with evolution is that it takes God-given laws and morality out of the picture, making human beings into little more than beasts. If we teach evolution, they say, the law of the jungle will prevail.

RSR's take is that biblical literalism and religious fundamentalism seem an easier path to throwing off the shackles of conventional morality. Anything goes if you're doing it for God.


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