Sunday, August 14, 2005


More on John Calvert Esq.

Over at Panda's Thumb, Kansas Citizens for Science leader, Jack Krebs, has a post up about the shenanigans of intelligent design advocate, John Calvert.

While not licensed in the state of Kansas, Calvert nonetheless represented himself as an attorney in the science hearings last May.

Steve Case, chairman of the science standards writing committee, has filed complaints against Calvert in Kansas and Missouri -- where Calvert is licensed.

Is it really a big deal? Here's what Krebs says:
Calvert has been passing himself off as “legal counsel” for the Minority since December, when the state Board and the writing committee were informed by email that the Minority had “appointed John Calvert, Esq. as counsel and as a spokesman for the group.” As a member of the writing committee and as Irigonegaray’s assistant during the hearings, I can certainly say that in both settings I believed that Calvert was actually legal counsel for the Minority.


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