Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Member of Parliment calls for Britain to ban Pat Robertson over assassination comment

"My view is that [Mr Robertson] is frankly not the sort of person we would welcome into Britain," says Nigel Griffiths, an Edinburgh South MP. "The new law would catch him as someone preaching hate and murder"

Anti-terror laws, proposed by Prime Minister Tony Blair, have been designed to prevent some Islamic preachers who back suicide bombers and terrorism from coming to Britain. If those laws are adopted, they would give the government the ability to refuse entry to anyone found to have incited terrorism -- including the good reverend Robertson.

According to a report in The Scotsman by Hamish McDonnell, "Mr Griffiths said yesterday that he supported the new anti-terror laws, but argued the legislation should be used in an even-handed way, and if that meant annoying the US government, that was not his concern."

No doubt, Mr. Blair did not expect the anti-terror law to be used to "catch Christian preachers, however radical, particularly those with influential friends in the US Republican Party, such as Mr Robertson."

The Government refused to comment on Mr Griffiths' remarks, according to The Scotsman.


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