Thursday, August 11, 2005



Jacob Weisberg, writing in Slate today, argues that we should quit pretending that evolution and religion are compatible. Weisberg cites the official position of Kansas Citizens for Science -- People of faith do not have to choose between science and religion -- but argues that as a practical matter of fact they do.

To support this argument Weisberg points out that:

In the United States, [in a 1993 NORC study -- RSR] 63 percent of the public believed in God and 35 percent believed in evolution. In Great Britain, by comparison, 24 percent of people believed in God and 77 percent believed in evolution. You can believe in both - but not many people do.
Red State Rabble is still thinking through the implications of American scientist, educators, and their supporters adopting such a strategy. Whether Weisberg is right, or whether he is wrong, the Slate piece is well worth reading.


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