Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Dover Board Appoints Buckingham Replacement

The Dover (Pennsylvania) School Board has voted unanimously to appoint David Napierskie to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Bill Buckingham, who led the board in mandating the reading of a statement supporting intelligent design to school children there.

Napierskie is new to Dover having moved from California in 1999, according to Michelle Star of the York Daily Record.

Napierskie, who was the only person to apply to fill the vacancy left by Buckingham's abrupt resignation -- just as the board was being taken to court by parents unhappy with the interjection of pseudoscience into the curriculum -- refused to be pinned down on his position on the controversy, saying only, "I think all exposure to science would be great. I am not opposed to my children to be educated on anything new or different."

Dover CARES is running a slate of candidates in the November election to restore real science to the school district curriculum.


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